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Who we are?
GetTechTalent is a curated network of Europe’s best freelance developers, designer and product managers. We empower mainly German clients to build outstanding digital products with remote freelance teams.

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GetTechTalent gives you both the freedom of being a freelancer while and the benefits of belonging to a larger organization. We offer you exciting projects, access to a fast growing, collaborative community, and the opportunity to work from anywhere. 

Whom we are looking for?
We are looking for professional, dedicated reliable digital talents from all over Europe, who not just know their tech, but are also great communicators and share our passion to build high-quality products. Sounds like you? Apply now!
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GetTechTalent is an invite-only network of Europe's best tech talents -- from designers to data scientist. Join us,  to deliver exiting projects to Germany clients, from startups to corporates.

Whom we are looking for?
- People who share our value: trust, reliability and quality
- Full- and Part-Time

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